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Budgeting can be a difficult task for even the most savvy money maker. There are bills to pay, essentials that we need, and also needed space for “fun” money – or those things that don’t fall into a monthly category. With the Money Essentials Workshop, you will learn how to budget your money, and how to stick to the plan you create.

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This Money Essentials workshop is completely free for you to attend! It is two and half hours, in a relaxed environment where you will get information on how to get your money under control.

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You will feel right at home within the Money Course Essentials, and with people that have the same questions and problems with budgeting that most of us experience. Learning how to practically cut expenses is a great way to start getting finances under control. We will cover how to get the best energy deals, which will help you not only save money, but help the environment as well!

Date and Time

Friday, August 4th, 2017
14:00 – 16:30 BST


St. Pauls Church, Hammersmith

Queen Caroline Street


W6 9PJ

United Kingdom


St. Pauls Church, Hammersmith
Queen Caroline Street
London, United Kingdom